Wellness massage



Since he started his activity in 2016, Louis’s career has been punctuated by several training courses.

The first one was at Azenday school in Paris, where Louis specialized in massage :

  • Californian, in order to master slow and fluid movements dedicated to relaxation and stress reduction ;
  • Swedish, to acquire soft and firm gestures, very effective for muscle relaxation and sports recovery ;
  • Hawaiian or Lomi-lomi, to harmonize the energy that circulates in each of us, ideal for introspection and connection with the outside world.

Then he learned Thaï massage in Thaïland during two months at the famous Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai.

Louis also discovered the benefits of Ayurvedic massage during a three-month training in Kerala (India), with the Dr. Innocent Bose.


Louis is also an osteopath D.O. Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapeutic approach based on a holistic view of the structure of the human body. Osteopathy harmonizes perfectly with the art of massage (notably through its techniques of stretching, inhibition, sliding longitudinal pressure, sanding, muscle kneading…).

Finally, since 2008, your masseur has also been a volunteer with France Handicap, the leading association for the defense and representation of people with disabilities. It gives the opportunity to thousands of disabled people to take part to adapted journeys in France and abroad. If you would like to become a volunteer or make a donation, please click on this link : htttp://www. apf-francehandicap.org